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Is your prevention programming culturally informed?

By the Community: Building Culturally-Informed Prevention Curriculum March 15, 2018 | 4:00 PM ET | 60 minutes | $149

This live briefing showcases how Weber State University’s Safe@Weber Violence Prevention and Advocacy Program utilized Participatory Activist Research (PAtR) to empower LGBTQ+ students on campus to get involved and help develop, implement, and evaluate a consent curriculum by the LGBTQ+ community, for the community. We found that PAtR allows for the development of culturally informed curriculum that is specific to the community and their lived experiences. Additionally, PAtR provides the opportunity for the target community to increase skill development, build self-efficacy, reduce risk, increase protective factors, and empower queer spectrum students. Presenters will demonstrate how PAtR facilitates social change and provides opportunities for diverse students to be centered in prevention development efforts, all while increasing protective factors, self-efficacy, and empowerment. By participating in this session, attendees will:

  • be able to describe Participatory Activist Research (PAtR) methodology and how it can be used to develop violence prevention curriculum that is customized for at-risk populations;

  • discuss strategies to increase protective factors, self-efficacy, and empowerment utilizing PAtR and community-based research and curriculum development initiatives; and

  • apply a PAtR toolkit and create an implementation plan for their campus.

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