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I have been working with survivors, communities, agencies, students, and universities on issues of gender-based violence, discrimination, social justice and wellness since 2008. I provide consultation services on topics ranging from program development, strategic planning, policy development, audit prep, grant writing,  curricula development, and training on Title IX, VII and ADA intersections and survivor workplace and educational rights and resources, service provision, best practices in trauma-informed support of individuals and communities who have experienced harassment, discrimination, violence, and oppression. I also provide keynote speeches, violence prevention training, and community action project support.


In my career, I’ve had the privilege to lead the development and management of two university advocacy centers, a primary prevention program, and one cultural center, serve as faculty and teach community members, students, supervisors, faculty, HR professionals, equal opportunity 


offices, investigators, law enforcement, advocates, and health professionals, about violence interventions and prevention behaviors, skills, and best practices. I have built curricula, created programs, and helped institutions focus on and take steps to reduce risk, ensure compliance, demonstrate support for survivors, and increase institutional trust.


I am someone with vision, who sees the structures/barriers and works to find ways around and within those structures/barriers, while leveraging our strengths and resources to bypass the structure/barriers and creating new paths toward protective community environments, and increased prevention efficacy and commitment, all while keeping the long game in mind. The goal is always healing and prevention. Healing and prevention take time and patience; I’m here for the journey and the lessons along the way and to share those lessons with whoever is willing to listen and take action.

All Bystanders Count


I strive to provide communities with technical assistance, training, programs, resources, and opportunities to address and prevent sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, sexism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and other forms of violence and oppression. 


Guiding Values

  • I treat survivors and their allies with respect, understanding, and support.

  • I am committed to trauma-informed survivor-centered advocacy services, agency training and technical assistance.

  • I am committed to offering inclusive, best-practice, culturally relevant, and interactive violence prevention education. 

  • I value community-based initiatives and seek to collaborate directly with partner communities in order to ensure I provide violence prevention education that speaks to the communities specific needs and experiences. 


Goals and Vision

  • Provide support for survivors of violence. 

  • Engage communities and incite people to talk within their communities about issues of violence. 

  • Increase knowledge about sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, other forms of violence, and actions individuals and communities can take to address and prevent violence through programming, outreach, and online resources. 

  • Support communities to address and overcome barriers to violence intervention and prevention engagement. 

  • Increase community self-efficacy and confidence to engage in violence intervention and prevention actions.

  • Support the development of violence prevention skills by community members.

  • Ensure all prevention services are trauma-informed and survivor-centered.

  • Support coordinated community response systems and sexual assault response teams.

  • Assist communities in creating comprehensive response and prevention structures, organizations and agencies, programs and initiatives. 




University of Maryland, College Park

Women's Studies Doctoral Fellow

2012 - 2014

Oregon State University

Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies M.A.

2007 - 2010

Oregon State University

English B.A. 

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